USAV/Yankee Memberships

To play in tournaments, all players must have a current USAV/Yankee membership.


Signing up for your USAV/Yankee membership

Infiormation on obtaining your membership is available on the Yankee web site, but club-specific information and help are listed below.

Full year membership

Be sure to print or save as PDF the 4-page membership confirmation/waiver in order to get reimbursed - YOU MUST ALSO BRING A SIGNED COPY OF THE WAIVER TO YOUR FIRST TOURNAMENT.

  • Returning USAV/Yankee members Log in to your existing account to renew your membership (note that Yankee requires you to purchase a new membership at the start of every fall season, even though the system may say your membership from the previous year is good through October). Note: If you played USAV juniors previously, you should log in with your old account and update your information under the "Renew membership" tab and list yourself as "unaffiliated adult" to  be upgraded from junior to adult level.
  • New USAV/Yankee members You will need to set up an account, then pay for your membership.

Filling out the online form can be confusing! Here are some tips that should help:

  • Under "Level of Play" choose "R".
  • For "Club" select "UNDECIDED"
  • Under "Adult Team Roles", check the "Player" box.
  • Under "Correspondence Information", you may want to uncheck the boxes if you don't want too many emails, etc.
  • Under USAV Waiver Information, you have to click on the link and "read" the form before checking the box that says "I agree to the USAV Waiver and Release of Liability". The same is true for "I agree to the USAV Participant Code of Conduct".

One-day membership

If you are fairly certain you will only play in one touranment this academic year, there is an option for a cheaper, one-day membership. Fill out the paper form at the bottom of the Yankee Membership Application page and bring it to the tournament, along with cash or a check to pay the fee.


Costs and club reimbursement

The club will reimburse a portion of your USAV/Yankee membership.

Year-long USAV Yankee membership (September-August): You pay the full amount and get reimbursed ~half the fee by the club (Fall 2018: $55 membership/$30 reimbursement).

One day USAV/Yankee membership: You pay the fee, but it can be upgraded later to a full membership - you would pay for the upgrade, then get reimbursed (Fall 2018: $30 membership/$30 reimbursable upgrade).  

How to get reimbursed:

  1. Online registration: Give the treasurer the multi-page membership confirmation and waiver (via email or in person) that you printed from the site (you should also have recieved a copy via email when you registered).
  2. Paper form (usually just for 1-day memberships): Be sure the tournament director gives you a paper receipt for your membership, and give this to the treasurer.

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